Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipstick

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipstick

A good kiss­proof lipstick is a girl's best friend, after diamonds of course. Don't freak if you don't have one yet, because that's exactly why I'm here: to give YOU your beauty fix!

Marc Jacobs say he loves this idea of popping the lips, and so do I. That's why my personal fave is 'Pop Rock', worn by Chloe in the film. It gives just the right amount of flawless color and psst: it's transfer­resistant too. Every time I swipe this vibrant stick on my lips it gives me an instant makeover. The lips pop without the color bleeding out and it stays in place all day. If you're planning on a 'nude look' and yet still wanna draw attention to your lips, I'd pick one of these richly pigmented lipsticks. They come in covetable chrome packaging that even matches the mascara and eyeliner I mentioned earlier, so you can make the perfect chrome set! Gals, be ready to bump into Mr. Right if you're wearing one of M​arc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipsticks.​

Complement it with – Fresh Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment. Apply it just before the lipstick to nourish your lips with moisture.

My BB hack – After you've applied the lip color, hold a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it. A tiny bit of the powder will transfer onto the tissue and lock in the color.

Rating – 9​.2 out of 10. For days when you wanna give out a 'Don't mess with me' attitude, say it loud and clear, and pop those sexy lips! The only downside to this lipstick line is it lacks moisture and can dry your lips. While it gives the lips a refreshing burst of color, it's slightly on the pricey side.